Complete Internet Solutions for Small Businesses

Getting your business on the web does not have to be a struggle. Next Level Websites understands that you have a business to run and that building websites may not be your specialty. We will help you from beginning to end, talk to you in your native tongue not “geek speak”.

Types of Businesses We Handle

Medical ♦ Professional  ♦ Artists ♦ Service Providers ♦ Churches ♦ Schools ♦ Online Publications ♦ Groups ♦ Homeowners Associations ♦ Builders ♦ Decorators ♦ Real Estate

Mobile Friendly Websites

All of our new sites are mobile friendly- they look great on phones, tablets and computers

Where Are We Located

Our business started in the Chicago area but currently we are located on Beaver Island MI which is 30 miles out in Lake Michigan (Beaver Island is the most remote inhabited island in the Great Lakes) and Marquette, Michigan. Most of our business is done over the phone or by email but walk-ins are encouraged