Small Business Websites Done Right

Small business websites are no longer a luxury. Your clients expect to find you on the web! This goes for just about any business.

But there are so many choices for small business web sites…

Small Business Websites10 Tips to Get Your Small Business Websites Started

  1. Do something- it doesn’t have to be perfect
  2. Think like a customer when having your site built- what do they want to know
  3. Get a domain name with your business name in it if possible
  4. Research- what do your competitors have
  5. Ask people you respect for referrals for web designers if possible
  6. Ask your developer questions- how much, how long to build, what do you think we should include, why
  7. Treat building your website as a partnership
  8. Make sure your site will be search engine friendly
  9. Make sure you own your site, pictures and domain
  10. Just like in business it isn’t always a good idea to go with the cheapest or a family member

There are a lot of do it yourself small business website template builders out there. A question you should ask yourself- is our business a cookie cutter business? The answer is probably no. You provide something that is a good value and is somewhat unique. Make sure your website is a good value, unique and reflects your business.

We specialize in building small business websites and offer a great value while building your website from scratch. See some examples of our clients small business websites. We speak English and business not geek. We’ll be gentle, we promise. You will be surprised at how easy the whole process can be.



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