Facebook Makes Big Changes to Business Pages

Facebook has changed the way they handle business pages- AGAIN!! (All Caps means I’m shouting). Starting in spring of 2011 Facebook allowed mini websites with custom landing pages. In English- you could actually have a little (520 pixel wide) website inside of Facebook where visitors would go to automatically when they went to your page.

This was really a nice way for a business who just did not have the time or inclination to post continually on Facebook to have a presence there. You could be on Facebook and not have to worry about constant updates. Not perfect but pretty darn good.

One thing about Facebook- expect the unexpected. Things change there all the time.

Another thing about Facebook- like it or not, people spend a lot of time there. Your competitors are there or will be soon.

So, what do you do?

Adjust. We spent 3 days updating everyone of our sites. First, we hated the changes, then, we tolerated them, now we actually sort of like them.

You can still have your mini website on Facebook and the pages are actually pretty good size now- 820 pixels wide. You just have to do a little directing to get your visitors to the site.

If you are not on Facebook yet, now is a great to get on. The cost is minimal, you can be competitive quickly since everyone is forced to change now. It is not as painful as you might think. Most important- your customers are there.

If you have questions or want to take the plunge, we would love to help. We will be gentle, we promise.


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